Wedding Gowns

We specialize in boxing wedding gowns so that they may be preserved for many years to come. In the last 22 years, we have also cleaned and pressed hundreds of wedding gowns and have cleaned and preserved just as many. How good are we? Well, one customer writes,

"My daughter is getting married and she asked me if I would show her myBoxed Wedding Gown Photo Showing Figure Form Insert wedding dress. After 32 yrs of storage, I took it out and it was yellow, wrinkled and stained.

I took it to Moore's Cleaning and asked them if they thought it could be cleaned and brought back. They assured me they could renew this dress.

A few weeks later, I went to pick up the dress and was amazed at the results!! The stains were gone and the dress was back to white instead of the yellowish tone it had when I left it off. Needless to say, I experienced excellent service, amazing results, and surprising cost to get this dress ready for my daughter to wear on her wedding day. I highly recommend Moore's Dry cleaning to renew your wedding dress."
Doe Ruggles - Barton, VT

Wedding Gown Cleaning

We personally treat each garment with care giving special attention to intricate folds and delicate fabric. Fabrics such a silk, satin, linen and lace require special attention. We work by hand with professional stain removers especially designed for these fabrics to remove tarnish from aging, stains and water damage so that your vintage gown will look like new.

Special Pressing of Your Formal Attire for Your Special Day

Hand pressing gowns so that their original form and folds is important for your special day. We are always happy to press your formal attire before that important day! Please call us and make an appointment for this service so that we may accommodate your schedule.

Wedding Gown Boxing

We have available wedding gown boxing materials specifically made for boxing wedding gowns. Each wedding box is complete with inner windowed box, form figure, packaging and outer keepsake box for you to keep you wedding gown safe from moisture, tarnish and creasing for years to come.

When we box wedding gowns, we start by inserting a figure form that keeps the gown from creasing along its sides and helps to hold its shape.

Our boxed wedding gowns are then double boxed to help keep out moisture. With its lid closed, this box is then placed into another box to allow for lengthy storage.

Bridal Cover Box and Memory Chest


To the left is our Bridal Keepsake cover box that will help to keep your gown safe. Double boxing gowns is a superior method designed to keep out moisture. When preserving your dress so that it may be worn years from now wedding gown boxing allows for easy storage as well.





For Gowns Waiting in the Closet

White Wedding GownDon't leave your dress hanging! We have figure forms that can hold the shape of your gown while in your closet. Ordinary hangers aren't enough for special gowns to hold their shape. Our figure forms for hangers are specially designed for wedding gowns and dresses that are waiting for their special day.


Wedding Gown Dry cleaning and Pressing can range from $40 to $150 depending upon style and condition of the gown.

Wedding Gown Boxing is just $30, materials included.

All prices are subject to the condition of the clothing and textile.


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